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Equal 10 - Mathematics is fun

Equal 10 - Mathematics is fun

2.1 by Train your mental arithmetic
(0 Reviews) June 11, 2024
Equal 10 - Mathematics is fun Equal 10 - Mathematics is fun Equal 10 - Mathematics is fun Equal 10 - Mathematics is fun Equal 10 - Mathematics is fun

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June 11, 2024
Train your mental arithmetic
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More About Equal 10 - Mathematics is fun

Equal 10: Elevate math skills with a simple, thrilling arithmetic game. Master mental calculations anytime, anywhere!
Welcome to the captivating realm of Equal 10 – where mathematical brilliance meets thrilling challenge! Whether you're an ardent math enthusiast seeking a cerebral workout or someone looking to elevate their mental skills, this super-simple arithmetic game is meticulously designed just for you.

The premise is elegantly straightforward: calculate the sum of 10 using the numbers 1 through 9 displayed on your screen. Sounds deceptively simple, doesn't it? Think again! Quick thinking is your ally, as hesitation may lead to an unforeseen game over experience ;=)

Key Features:

◉ Mental Arithmetic Mastery: Equal 10 serves as your go-to app for effortlessly enhancing your arithmetic skills. Dive into quick and enjoyable sessions during bus rides, while waiting for a friend, or whenever you find a moment to spare.

◉ Global Leaderboard: Embark on a global arithmetic journey! Compete against top mental calculators worldwide and witness where you stand on the global stage. Can you outsmart the best and secure your well-deserved spot in the world ranking list?

◉ Two Exciting Modes: Tailor your experience with two distinctive modes catering to both beginners and arithmetic aficionados. Test your skills and push the boundaries of your mental prowess in each mode!

◉ Award-Winning App: Join the elite league! Equal 10 proudly clinched the Best of Swiss Apps Award in 2014. Become a part of the community of smart thinkers who have embraced this engaging and educational game.

◉ Anywhere, Anytime Learning: Transform idle moments into productive learning experiences! Improve your mental arithmetic skills on-the-go, be it during a quick break or while waiting in line. Equal 10 is your portable tutor, always ready to accompany you in your journey to mathematical excellence.

Download Equal 10 now and immerse yourself in an unparalleled arithmetic experience. Elevate your skills, embrace the challenge, and let the numbers dance to the rhythm of your intellect!

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