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More About OneSplit

Introducing OneSplit: the ultimate bill splitter and receipt scanner app designed to simplify your shared financial interactions. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually splitting bills, receipts, and payments among friends or roommates.
With OneSplit, you can digitize receipts, split costs, and ensure that everyone pays their fair share effortlessly.

Main Features:

• Advanced Receipt Scanner: Instantly scan and digitize receipts using our sophisticated receipt OCR technology. Just snap a photo, and OneSplit will convert it into an editable format, making it the perfect app to split costs without any hassle.

• Efficient Bill Splitting: Whether it's a dinner, a shared household expense, or a trip, OneSplit allows you to split bills accurately. Use our splitting bill calculator to ensure everyone contributes exactly what they owe.

• Smart Receipt Splitter: Split receipts down to the last item. Assign items to individuals, add tips, and manage taxes seamlessly. It’s the ideal receipt splitter for meticulous financial tracking.

• Cost Sharing Made Easy: With OneSplit, money splitting and cost sharing become straightforward. Add participants, assign expenses, and let the app handle the math. Our cost splitting functionality ensures peace and clarity among all parties involved.

• Payment Splitting Simplicity: OneSplit isn’t just about splitting bills; it’s a comprehensive solution for payment splitting. Whether you're sharing rent or divvying up utility bills, our app handles it all.

• Online Bill Splitting: Access and manage your expenses online. OneSplit provides online bill splitting features, allowing you and your friends to interact with shared bills directly from any device, anywhere.

• Check Splitting with Precision: Going out with friends? Use OneSplit to split the restaurant check accurately. Our check splitting feature ensures everyone pays their portion of the bill, including tax and tip.

• Bill Calculator: Avoid the headache of manual calculations. Our built-in bill calculator does all the heavy lifting, making OneSplit the go-to bill splitting app.

• Multi-Currency Support: Traveling abroad? No problem. OneSplit offers currency conversion to make bill splitting easy, regardless of where you are or the currency you’re dealing with.

• Secure Storage and Retrieval: Keep all your receipts and split bills safely stored in OneSplit. Our app allows you to store and search past transactions effortlessly, making it your digital financial archive.

Why Choose OneSplit?

- User-Friendly: A clean, intuitive interface that makes navigating through bill splitting simple.
- Versatile: From small groups to large gatherings, adapt OneSplit to any social setting.
- Transparent: Keeps track of who owes what, eliminating any confusion and ensuring fairness.
- Accessible: Share and collaborate on bills and expenses via links or QR codes, even with those who don't have the app.

Download OneSplit today and join thousands of users who have revolutionized how they manage and split their expenses. Whether you're splitting a cab fare, dividing up rent, or sharing the cost of a gift, OneSplit is your go-to solution for all things finance sharing.

Embrace the simplicity and accuracy of OneSplit — where splitting bills and costs is just a tap away!

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