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Rhymescapes: Word Search Game

Rhymescapes: Word Search Game

1.2.2 by Fun and relaxing puzzles
(0 Reviews) June 23, 2024
Rhymescapes: Word Search Game Rhymescapes: Word Search Game Rhymescapes: Word Search Game Rhymescapes: Word Search Game Rhymescapes: Word Search Game Rhymescapes: Word Search Game

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June 23, 2024
Fun and relaxing puzzles
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More About Rhymescapes: Word Search Game

Are you bored with word search games that all seem the same? Looking for a word search that will make you think? And laugh? And rhyme? Then play Rhymescapes – the word search game with a twist!
Can you solve a word search puzzle where all of the words rhyme? Can you solve a Challenge puzzle where all of the words are related to some fun topic like sports, food, countries, or the Bible? Rhymescapes has both!

Enjoy beautiful landscapes and calming background music while you play. Whether you have 5 minutes free or 30 minutes, Rhymescapes is the perfect way to take a quick break from your day.

Rhymescapes is unlike any word search game you have seen before. The game is both fun and funny: you’ll smile and laugh as you figure out the rhyming words to each puzzle. It is also challenging: find bonus words on each puzzle level to earn additional coins. Need a hint? Rhymescapes provides enough clues and hints available to help you solve even the most difficult puzzles.

And now, we've added Challenge puzzles on different topics in order to stretch your brain even further! Find words related to your favorite topic. But think fast: the faster you solve the puzzle, the more diamonds and coins you'll earn!

Laugh and smile while your stretch your brain. And have a lot of fun in the process. Rhymescapes is fun, free, unique, and addictive. It's a fast-paced word game that will test your vocabulary and word skills, and keep you coming back for more.

How to Play:
For each game level, Rhymescapes provides a set of letters that you unscramble to form words. For regular puzzles, the solution words will always rhyme! For Challenge puzzles, the words will always be related to that topic. Want to earn additional coins? Most puzzle levels have one or more “bonus” words that you can find, but which don’t match the rhyming pattern. Try to solve the puzzles quickly: the faster you solve a puzzle, the more coins you earn. Can you complete all of the game levels? Rhymescapes gets harder as you go, so get ready to stretch your brain and flex your rhyming muscles. Need a hint? Not a problem. Use the coins that you’ve earned to reveal a letter, or one of the solution words, or even to solve the entire puzzle. Need some more coins? Make sure to click on the Daily Reward icon to earn extra coins.

Key Features:
> Play in 5 minutes, or as long as you’d like. Rhymescapes is the perfect way to take a quick break from your day
> Sharpen your brain! Each time you play, you’ll strengthen your thinking skills
> Select your favorite topic, and find words related to that topic!
> Have fun! The rhymes are clever and unique. You’ll want to laugh and smile as you play
> Relax your mind to beautiful nature landscapes and calming music
> NEW: in-game trip adventures to London, Paris, and New York City!

Rhymescapes is free to download and free to play. Visit the in-app store to remove ads or buy additional coins.

We designed Rhymescapes to fun and entertaining, but also educational. We hope you enjoy the game as much as we do!

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